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The Music of A Thousand Waves

These hands are full of canyons

and ravines. Unsoftened by rest

they have tilled soil

and worked earth.

They have clapped out ancient

rhythms. They have been adorned with

age and grace.









What Banged?



One Verse Universe

Universe: “In the Beginning God created the heavens and the earth”-Genesis 1:1

One verse containing us, them.
Burning Red Mars orbiting through space
The last breath of your beloved—
Created before she lived
The earth beneath the toddling feet of your first born,
Hanging on the words inscribed by the hand of the meekest,
Spoken by the Mouth of the Infinite, only Witness
To the birth of the Universe.
The rain that fell from heaven in the last spring of your childhood;
the meteor that blazed across the sky on the evening of your parent’s meeting,
all within a moments whisper of eternity and love.